Tuesday 24-12-2013 16:40

by - 16:40

Never telling anyone anything! :\

Updating this post now at 00:22

Went shopping with Pooja this morning but we only bought food lol! We are just so indecisive with clothes! Looking forward to boxing day sales! -_- standard Indians. Dad thinks they don't actually put up anything on sale, just hype it up so people (asian people mostly) end up buying stuff thinking it's cheap! But who knows. lol as always mum, me and Pooja will end up shopping! Dad will most probs join us.

I was going to text Aloo but she texted me before I could lol! Scary or what. Guess it's normal in our case lol! We were both watching Finding Nemo at the time too. I didn't watch all of it though -_-

K bye gonna watch a movie! The other day I finally watched Mr and Mrs Smith. It was cute. She is so fit ! #jealous.

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I love you all <3