5-12-2013 Thursday - 9-12-2013 Monday

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Thursday 5-12-2013 - Presentation and No Internet

Didn't sleep at all the night before and came into uni quite early! My presentation for Cancer Genetics was ready and I just had to work on the TPP editorial.

Later Me and Aloo went looking for an empty base room so I could do my presentation in front of Aloo but there weren't any free. Ended up going to Lecture Theatre F and met Veena aunty on the way!  We told her how much we loved her Pakoras and the sicurn !!
Yeah so did the presentation lol Aloo got BORED!

Went back to the computer rooms and worked -_- Saw NH! Later saw Juhee and Nickeel ! The lover birds were flying around as usual. Arjun Wara got annoyed with me lol cos I told him not to chill with us! Even though he said he didn't care I know he was annoyed ! Awksss!

Came back to the computer rooms and the internet was not working!!!!!!! ARGHHH so then went back to halls and payed  £12 to BT internet so that I could finish off the last bits of the editorial! what a wasteeeee of money!!

Oh yeah walked back with NH and got emotional over people who were spreading really cheap rumors about me! There should be a limit to how much someone can joke around. meh.

After I was in such a bad mood, I couldn't do the presentation in front of Annette and Numan! Came back to my room and had a major break down! At this point I was like c'mon still have the whole night left! So I pulled myself altogether and went over the presentation a few times and worked on the editorial as well.

slept for two hours. I was sooo tired and had the presentation early in the morning at 9:30

Friday 6-12-2013 Presentation, TPP deadline got extended and Xmas Disco 

so yeah had trouble getting up but somehow I managed to get ready and do the presentation in front of Annette.

I went first and got it over and done with woo! It was actually good!  I managed to answer all of the questions except one where she asked me why 9 something micro deletion would cause other problems. Anyhow both tutors seemed pleased.

So had to sit through all the other presentations ! soooo longggggg but then Kalani gave me the good news that the deadline for TPP had been extended lol and I was soooooooooooooo HAPPY!!

Me and Aloo chilled for rest of the day and we went to eat at Tartines! Poor Rabbit had labs so she left early so it was just me, Aloo, Sindhu the Hindu and Annette!

After Annette asked me Brems and Humza to go Christmas disco with her ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! lol she really wanted to go for obvious reason which I can't reveal here! so I decided to go halls and slept for two hours!

Bremla and Annette came around to wake me up and we got ready together! Humza came with his huge suitacase to say bye looooool but ended up coming to the disco with us!

The disco was fun to start with! Saw Kalpa , S Sharma and other people! -_- basically met all the party animals! wooo !
Everyone  looks so happy when they are drunk! lol 

We left really early as usual! Hate discos! -_- Got back to halls and just talked about relationship etc for ages (Anette, Humza, Bremla and me) ! Nickeel and Juhee came around for a bit and then went back to Nickeel's! Soooo cute they said they were gonna watch a scary movie together! How romantic!!

Yeah so we went to sleep at 5 in the morning

Saturday 7-12-2013 Shopping and cooked curry and rice

The next day me and Anette went Grocery shopping with Mitul. Awks how Mitul left early lol cos he was really hungry and tired! We went to see him later to check if he was okay and he was actually dead from the night before.

anyway me and Annette made Curry and rice !It was soooooooooo yum! Saw Nikhita cos she came to stay around with the other Annette (the street dance Annette ).

I was meant to do my editorial but me and Annette ended up watching lootera and then Ishqzaade! Lootera was such a waste of time! Ishqzaade ♥ is on my good list! :) It's not amazing but I don't why I really like it for some reason.  Went to sleep in the morning again! -_- Standard!

Sunday 8-12-2013 and Monday 9-12-2013 worked on TPP Editorial

got up and worked Sunday and the whole of Monday! Boring.

oooo and I texted Omar on Monday cos I realised I hadn't replied to his last text awks! so when I saw the news feed on cricket I decided to text him saying Omar can I buy a kit for £40 and he got paranoid ! -_- Why do men get paranoid so easily! *sigh*  so he texted Patel asking him if he had told me anything and so Patel texted me!! AHHHH it was so minor! but then Patel is Patel so it's fine.

So then I had to explain everything to Omar and then to Patel! we had some deep conversation !  -_- oh well ! finally agreed on Omar making me dal and Me cooking him Paneer! :P Kinda unfair but didn't complain haha

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I love you all <3