Birthday Present - Wicked! 11-12-2013

by - 22:09

So I got text from Aloo saying she wants to see me today!  So after labs me, Aloo and Brems met in front of the library! Aloo was all excited lol and happy , smiling non stop! I guessed she was gonna give us a present! hahah B| cos i am that smart lol! And the funny thing is that she knew that I knew about it! So then I was like hurrrryyyy up, give it to us! :P
First she gave me the birthday card hahaha and there were like 10 instructions on how to open it! She put so much effort in lol cut out these little confetti which said "aloo" and  ! I am going to keep them forever!!! Mean so much to me! Then she pointed out the top message which was from Rohan! hahaha LOL standard. 

After she gave me and Bremla another envelope ! :O It was an invitation that she made by HAND to go and watch Wicked!!!! LOL It was just amazing! wish someone recorded the moment! Sad times Sindhu was meant to be there because she did everything too but she had to leave for some reason!! But Love Aloo and Sindhu soooo much!  they both put so much effort for my birthdays.

This year I didn't even do anything for Aloo! -_- Got her a teddy bear which doesn't even fit in her room lol #awks! so stupid. 

But thanks to all my friends who contributed!! 

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I love you all <3