Sunday 15-12-2013

by - 23:42

A lot happened last night! I started cleaning my room quite late. I was talking to Ricky bhayia at the same time about his thing ( Can't say here) ! I am so glad he got up the next day and he was so strong and ready to tackle the problem !! wooo 

So yeah after I finished talking to bhayia -_- this uncle commented on my status and I tried to end the conversation but he kept on talking on it! lol before I could do anything, lool Juhee and Hamza were all over it! Basically ripped his comments apart! haha I had to quickly delete them but obvs he saw them and it was too late! So he got soooo upset! Saying " oh I am sorry I am an illiterate man" -_- ! When I didn't even say anything to him! 

Going to admit that I laughed behind his back on Juhee's wall but never said anything to him! He asked me to delete him from FB ! -_- 
Later all three of us felt really bad and said sorry to him individually. 
I can be such a "B" sometimes!! How I laughed at him :( so badddddddddd!!! I am so bad sometimes! Talked to Arjun about stuff and he thinks I gossip a lot! It's so true. I need to be careful! People probably judge me, I am pretty sure! And I have gossiped behind peoples back, like when I tell stuff to Panchalu! Even though I know he won't tell anyone but there's no need! I am just so bad. Last night I felt really bad and I have decided I am going to stop TALKING!!! so yeah .. I need to change! 

Anyway so yeah I talked to dad about it in the morning! Previously this uncle commented on a picture of this girl from my uni with head scarf. I kindly requested him to delete his comment telling him she might take offence but he didn't understand where I was coming from! He basically got offended saying I will never comment on your post ever again! 
It's like firstly that picture was not even in my album! -_- How did you find it??!!! :\
Secondly why are you commenting on my wall posts!!! Go talk to your own age group! :( 

I feel so rude saying this but Dad agrees with me too! The fact that I add older people (most of my friends just block uncles/ aunties/ even parents), they should give me some space! I don't get why they have to like every single picture I get tagged on! Or comment on a picture where there is already a convo going on! you are not part of it so just allow! I don't know ...I could be wrong but I feel after a certain age it's best to act the age you are! 

arghh I don't know!I could be so wrong but when I get older I wouldn't interfere or stalk kids ! just so weird and childish.

Anyway so I did a lecture then showered and ate.
Called mum, dad and Poojie.

Took this beautiful picture in the morning !!! So pretty. Awks how the sun disappeared after.  

Been trying to work! So sweet of tall Humza to leave food for me!!! I have really nice people in my life and I am so grateful ! 
Went to One stop to get few stuff , cooked, ate. 

Caught up with Jay Samra on what's app! My other online friend -_- ! (in his case we don't need to be online friends but he doesn't have time! )

Although few sad things happened today! Like couple of people are going through some rough times maybe including me  too, but I am not going to think about it and just hope to get through it some how! 

Just want to keep distance from everyone for a while and just hope everything gets sorted for everyone!! woohoo

Bye! time to sleep. Labs at 9 tomorrow! -_- aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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I love you all <3