Panchalu's Christmas Tree (Sunday 22-12-2013)

by - 02:32

LOOOOOOL OMG! Trishan is so funny. So we were casually sending each other snapchats. I sent him pictures of my christmas tree, presents and lights etc.

Guess what he sent me! LOL a picture of his christmas tree hahahaha it was sooo little, with no decorations hahah and he wrote "ha xmas" on it! Sooooo funny, I laughed for ages! That tree was sooo DEAD! lol
Sad I couldn't screenshot it in time -_- ! Asked him to send me a picture of it again but he didn't ! :\

Instead he sent this to annoy me...

and then this on another day! looool. -_- 

But yeah Panchalu's snapchats are funny even though he doesn't show me his face anymore loool! Too scared that I will screenshot it! LOOL 

ooo and he sent me so many of his ba's house! He obvs loves her and that place. "awwwww!" 

and I think he screenshoted a picture of my mum and dad! awks.

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I love you all <3