Saturday 14-12-2013 Didnt go home :(

by - 08:11

Got up an hour ago around 7ish! Lol as there was nothing else to do I decided to be creepy and look out of my window! Took a picture of the sunrise! So beautiful!

There was this man who was standing in the cold shivering and I wondered why he has been standing there for such a long time, just when his dog came running towards him! Its so cute that people get up in the morning just to walk their dogs! I mean, we all know how hard it is to get up in the morning and in winter its worse! But people still get up for their dogs when they could have just let the dog roam around in the garden or something, it is wonderful that they make an effort and give the dog what it needs!

People with no will never understand this feeling of responsibility! When we looked after Emy, we made sure one of us walked the dog or else we would feel so guilty because the happiness you see on the dog's face is priceless and the effort is definitely worth it!

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I love you all <3