Thursday 12-12-2013 Labs

by - 19:36

got up early made breakfast for me and Annette and still ended up being late to labs! Well not that late, around 20 mins! So had a loooong day in labs! P was being -_- but after he started being all cheerful! I sectioned four embryos! :( so long!

After, we chilled for a bit and then went home early! bought noodles on the way to home. Slept early!

Just as I was about to sleep Mr Wara called and asked me if he could come to halls and do his presentation but it was soo late and I was so tired :( I had to say no! sad times plus it would have been a waste of time for him to walk to halls!

so I slept until I got snapchat from people! -_-

at the end of the day your heart is heart so yeah, couldn't sleep properly!

Highlights: Rakay called me to ask why I sounded sad! Sooo nice of him! #respect #bestdad

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I love you all <3