18:29 Saturday 21/12/2013 Enjoying the "first day of winter" (Google doodle is cute)

by - 18:57

Just went out shopping with dad in the rain to buy dhaniya, onion and soya sauce! It was so nice, we walked to the market and back! LOL surprisingly in love with rain at the moment! It was spray like rain, drizzling over our faces (LOOOOOL SOOO CRINGE). Came home and we all had late lunch/early dinner ! I love home. We laughed so much.

Back to my room to carry on with the ugly dissertation -_- ! Me and Mum might watch a movie.. not sure yet. yeah but I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee RAIN!!! I might go out tomorrow to take photos around stevo ( hopefully it will rain tomorrow too) woop. 

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I love you all <3