Tuesday 10-12-2013 Cancelled Hunger Games awks

by - 18:41

Came into uni early and just worked on the editorial! had such a bad head ache! finally gave it to Kalpa and Jayesh to read it! HUMZAAAA WAS MEANT TO READ IT BUT HE BAILED OUT! -_- standard he was busy and didnt get time! so yeah made few minor changes and handed it in! chilled in front of the library!

Humza, Annette and Bremla wanted to go out to see the Hunger Games but I was soooooooooo TIRED! Humza basically emotioanlly blackmailed me lol even though he won't admit it now! so yeah my face looked sad (because I just can't hide the way I feel -_- ) He goes Palak you don't wanna go do you?
Me: not really Humza I am soooo tired and I don't think Anntte wants to go (LOL cos i am such an idiot)
Humza got so annoyed that Annette didn't tell him how she felt and yeah I caused problems between them awks! I always end up in these situation! but it's cute how both of them were sad annoyed and upset for eachother lol!  so I wrote an angry text to Humza later. he replied and finally the situation got better!

Meanwhile I went to see Pooja to pick up the white dress for Wicked! We had chinese in South Ken! Yum! 
I got back to halls. Humza came to see us and make everything better! awks. LOL finally it got better and poor guy went to get cards so he could show us magic tricks lol! I went to sleep early around 9 while the others played games till 1! soooo jealousss!

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I love you all <3