Wednesday 18-12-2013 Heart at 75% peace

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had labs early in the morning! Lol and I couldn't get up -_- so had to call mum and dad so they could wake me up! Labs was looooooooong! Aloo texted me saying she wanted to talk to me.
I finished labs for life at around 2 lol so funny, I danced out of the labs, that's how happy I was! haha Annette did the same when she finished! Then we talked to few people and they were like they finish on friday ahahaha lol awks sad times for them (can't say who they were here).

Anyway, Me and Aloo talked through everything. It was sooo sad! I hate hurting her. It was sad to hear her side of the story but then I had my side too. Lol we both knew when we got hurt as well, just never said it to each other and it just piled up. Minor! We both know we end up in this type of situation once a year atleast and it was overdue! lalala so stupid.

She wasn't going to tell me anything because she thought it was minor. she thought it was little little things that were bothering her and she was being a baby but nahhh! they weren't little things. Ok maybe they were but if someone important to me is hurt by even a minor thing then I think it's just wrong! Especially when you mean so much to me. so yeah. Glad we sorted it out! Kerching.

Me and Annette went shopping to get our supervisor presents. I bought a scarf for Zahra too. So nice Paris sent us a thank you email the next day!

Hello both,

Thanks very much for the kind gifts. I love my scarf and I’ve taken to wearing it all the time. Zahra hasn’t been here this week, but I’m sure she’ll be thrilled with her santa hat when she gets back. The flashing lights should match her eyes beautifully ;-)

Have a great break.


We ate at Spice Village and talked about everything! Love Annette. She deserves some AMAZING man! Hope she knows that ! We couldn't finish everything we ordered so had to get it packed. Took a bus back to the station and then Annette made me run to Georges to catch G1 ! -_- LOL it was due in 2 mins. did we make it? NO! LOL even though we sprinted most of the way. We missed it by split seconds so ran across the Uni to the bus stop in front of uni entrance. lol Missed it again!
We ended up walking in the rain! It was nice.

Later we watched the Terminal and I put henna on Annette. Lol she was so tired she fell asleep. Here is the picture of henna. I took my time this time. LOL I always ruined her hand but this one i was satisfied with.

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I love you all <3