Wicked 11-12-2013

by - 19:02

Got up at 4 am and I was soooo HUNGRY! So I cooked, ate and slept! Later I got up at around 11 lol slept for almost 12 hours ? Basically sometimes life is AMAZING ! sometimes life is like LOVE! lol so yeah had to meet the other lot at 1pm but as usual I was running so late! -_- Being girl is so hard, let's not go into details !! Annette came at 12:15 LOL and took shower and everything loool! we were so late! called Sabah at 12:45ish and she was like you guys have left right and we were like nope LOOOL! She wasn't too happy about it! lol to be fair I know how it is like during stressful time so no biggy!

Me Brems and annette decided to get a cab and worked out cheaper luckily with my bargaining skills! we took so many pictures in the cab lol such girls! lol got there before the other guys woo! we were kinda over dressed but we didn't care much alallaal!

Masha was late so I decided to go susu and Bremla came with me ! We got back to the main area and all of them were gone! -_- ! didn't like it but minor, th eguy helped us find our way! sooo good they offered us seat in the middle as not many people turned up! (aloo said they were £60 seats :O ) wooo

Wicked was simply AMAZINGGG!! had such a great time !

After we went to a restaurant called Giraffe where we met this mooch wala gora waiter haha! took so many photos and played one of those deadly truth and dare games!

went around London taking photos as usual ! Found this beautiful white Christmas tree !! so pretty

Left to go back to halls around 7:30ish ! It was one amazing day! Me Annette and Brems chilled for a bit but went to sleep early as all three of us had labs in the morning ! back to reality!

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I love you all <3