Monday 13-12-2014 Hamzhu gave me a cookie

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I was late for my lecture so I had to run on the way to uni. Standard. I heard Panchalu call my name! LOL sooo funny I asked him if he wanted to run with me! (looool what a stupid question). He obviously said no.  

Thankfully made it in time. I sat with Jay Samra and his crew like the old times. lol Annette came in later so we all had to move one seat up! lool I don't know why I need to mention this -_- (maybe because I am lazy and the whole process affected me greatly) 

Later I went to the computer rooms to print off everything on my list! I swear the Ion channel lecture has a virus on it arghh! So frustrating.
Then Dr A told us to move!  HE SPOKE TO ME!! LOL he was like "Excuse me, do you know who was sitting here" LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! K I am such a loser. 

Saw Hamzhu outside the library! Awks ! We decided to go to computer rooms on fifth floor. 

Printed rest of the stuff I needed to and then I got bored.... So ended up taking a video of Hamzah just sitting there looking at the computer screen for 34 seconds hahahaha! (I really need a life). 

So nice he gave me a cookie though! :) 

Then I went to the library to do some work with Annette. Mr Wara came and sat in the adjacent table. I got a lecture done and then I don't know how we got distracted! It was Arjun's fault! He took my phone to go through all pictures so he could laugh at them!  Standard idiot. Annette was snapchatting our picture to random people through Arjun's phone and I was trying to get my phone back! I don't know what was happening tbh....such a blur! 

Eventually we decided to leave with Rabbit. We got Chinese on the way and ate in our kitchen. After, Me and Annette worked till 4 am! woop. I was so dead in the morning though. 

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I love you all <3