January 1-01-2014

by - 02:34

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  more like happy stressful year but yeah! I cannot believe it's 2014 already! *Sigh*

Went around Yashikas for the Satyanarayan Puja. We took so many photos lol.

We had a great time.

so cute mum and dad made paranthe and aloo sabji! :P I am gonna make pav bhaji tomorrow!

Going to be a vegetarian this year ! tu ru ru Good Luck to me.

Lately me Hamzah, Juhee, Sagar, Mitul , Panchal and have been trolling on FB! well mostly me Hamzhu and Ju Ju. It's soo much fun! I am going to miss everyone so much next year!

I have been recently looking at all the pictures/videos from past two years, I am going to have a hard time leaving Georges! :(


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I love you all <3