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 This is so random but the Christian/Catholic marriage Vows are so romantic! "till death do us apart"  :'(  *sobs*

And this beautiful picture I found randomly! So true. Most of us imagine our married life to be like how they show you in the movies but tbh it's a difficult pathway. You picture it so your husband and you will come back from work and cook together! haha but is that going happen though? Will he go shopping with you every time? Will he keep track of when the soap or toothpaste runs out!  Especially if you are brown! LOL  Good luck to you! -_- Maybe for couple of months but then things will change according to the circumstances. He might have a challenging job and you might have other problems! It's just going to be hard. In this case, you could both either sacrifice a little to save your relationship or just complain and blame each other for everything! resulting in Divorce :O :O :O :O 

Man ! -_- so stressful! I will think  about it later when I actually need to lol Allow the soap and washing up liquid! Ia I find a husband like my DAD! woop woop. 

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I love you all <3