Tuesday 14-01-2014 at 11:33 Trying to get through another night of revision

by - 19:33

Annette and I got sweets from one stop because we needed some guilty pleasure food! SO FAT! 
She embarrassed me in front of Perry saying I wanted to look pretty for him and that's why I didn't wanna show him my hair! AWKSSSS (basically my hair was a mess so I had my hoodie on ). She kept on pulling my hoodie off!! SUCH A LOSER ! Now he probbaly thinks I fancy him :\ awks. Last time he gave us money and didn't want it back!! :O GAWD my life! :\

So Aloo texted later to update me on her life! Just can't wait for Thursday to be over! I don't know why my life is depressing because she is busy all the time. -_- 
Anyway me and annettu got quite a lot of work done ! Bremla came to visit us with her new phone! lol she was so happy. 

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I love you all <3