Tuesday 21-01-2014 at 4:30

by - 05:47

Just got up! so nice.. I like working in the morning! I think I got 9 hours of sleep ! voila.

yeah so... I just put oil in my hair! -_- it's so dry these days! #stupidwinter  I am going to have to wash it in a bit -_- #effort lol

Kinda feel sleepy again! ahhhh

so bad yesterday I forgot that Rakay was suppose to walk to halls with me lool and I left without him. woops. Ia I will be ready by 8:30 and we will walk to uni together! Yayyy! ooo and we got the family meal later!


ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh LABS! Plan is to quickly finish the first bit (target it with primary antibody) and then chill in computer rooms till Lectures at 1:30. By chilling I mean work -_-

K peace out !

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I love you all <3