Wednesday 26-02-2014 BMS open day!

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Haven't posted in ages :\ need to update so much! hmm one day!

In the morning took the train with Yashika and Peter to uni! Did a tour to Panchalu ditched me! he said he would come with me :\ but he finished late. :(

Then just had to  talk to people, didn't even get to eat properly! I swear their questions never ended! -_-

then I did a campus tour ! so happy I am getting better at talking to huge groups! yayy! Just need to be confident about it.

Then went labs! -_- Paris and I had a long chat loooool Hated every second of it! I am sure rabbit knows what I am talking about.

then had to deal with some awkward times, but it had to be done! #standard! #life !

I was feeling so down so.... as always Rakay to the rescue! lol Made me feel so much better!

Later on Aloo came back from labs at 7 :\ ! so all of us ate. poor Brems was getting so bored in computer rooms.

Then me and Rakay worked till 9 and left uni with Mirchi ! Love it when she is there, it's like the old times!

got home! Hamzhu sent me this really nice picture! loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it! Lil things like that make you realise that problems are actually so minor! if you have a problem just get rid of it and move on! lalalalaalal

Just need to work on my disso! Reading a paper now! soooo tired but have to get it done! long day in labs tomorrow!  SOOO EXCITED!

Any way, here is the picture! lol #Hamzhu

"if you don't like something, change it" SIMPLE! just gonna do that.

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I love you all <3