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Date a girl who loves A.D.V.E.N.T.U.R.E.S
Who would rather go on a trek with you rather than getting suffocated on a humdrum coffee date. 
Date a girl who woudn't mind the wind messing her hair and wouldn't crib about her clothes get all soiled up while she gets her "perfect" shot.
Date a girl who is in love with nature.who loves seeing leaves falling. Who loves the whispers of trees. And smiles wen she sees sunlight shining through the trees.
Date a girl who loves unexpected travel plans..somedays she'll travel with maps.. some days she'll wander ..letting serendipity take control.
Date a girl who loves curling her toes in sand..walking barefoot on the beach.. not minding a tan as long as she makes happy memories..
Date a girl who loves road trips..who cant sleep a wink and loves to see Trees and the countryside whiz by.who can wave at strangers as she passes villages.
Who loves gazing at the twinkling stars lying on the grass.. 
Date a girl who loves ordinary little somethings. 
Who dreams.who itches to see new places
Who sings a song only you can hear.

Shes a keeper.

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I love you all <3