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Watched this movie for the third time! This time with Hamzhu and Rakay on skype loool! So surprised  I never wrote about it before!

Not going spoil it for anyone but if you are going to watch this movie....just watch it with an open mind. It's beautiful! Every scene has a meaning behind it, beautifully choreographed ! There are so many different types of people with different personalities but it's mainly based on a strict Hindu Tamil bhramin and a chilled out Muslim Bengali guy from Kolkata. Both, Tamil and Bengali people are known to be very conservative ... as in they like to live around their own people and speak their own languages etc (talking about the majority here lol awks)! However in this movie, due to circumstances, both characters change slightly and become more understanding! They learn to love or fall for someone they wouldn't normally fall for. Shows how love is not under your control and how love (the feeling) is bigger than everything! you can't help it that you love matter what your religion is! God made you that way, made you to feel that way! 

Also tells you a lot of religion and the war! How it's not because of one particular religion! Like Gandhi ji eye for an eye will turn the whole world true! revenge will just make everything worse! If only some people would understand this.... 

andddd also... one more thing I loved was that both characters had fallen for each other but they did what was right in the end! people these days just do whatever! they go out...get drunk..and kiss whoever! not that it's a bad thing but that's how people are these days, they think it's okay to that. But i think a feeling like that, for example that feeling of kissing someone must be a strong feeling..and just doing it to anyone..not thinking about it just makes it meaningless. Basically, here my point is that, one should be in control of what they feel and what they do!  can't just do whatever because it feels good.  makes it so pointless. In the movie for example, the guy could have asked her if she liked him...but he didn't! because he knew that she had a family...he thought about her and the woman also didn't stop him even though she had a huge crush on him and she completely enjoyed the little life that they created..... again because she thought about her family probably. I don't know but I feel this is true love! looooool or maybe I don't get it! Don't know. Sometimes you gotta leave someone because you love them so much! WOW Palak! Looool  I need some sleep. 

also I love Rahul Bose's ( the guys) role in this movie!!!he is so under rated ! I think he is a superb actor but people just want to see men with six packs -___- ! standard. Any way I want a guy with his personality ! someone find him please ..K THANKSS BYEE 

and now time to do some work -______________- ! 

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I love you all <3