23-05-2014 Sheesha With Hamzah and Rakay

by - 02:03

Went to Paddington with Rakay to drop off Pooja's food! -_-  bless her, she is stressed out about work, but I know she will be fine! I hope :\

Hamzah Joined us later and we went sheesha in Edgeware Road. We talked about so many things!

I feel sad and down but at the same time, I feel fine! Those sad feelings are just perfect! LOL WOW so deep. loooooooooooooooooool I am such an idiot. I suck at expressing myself.

Basically my problems are nothing compared to what some people are going through! I should be grateful for a wonderful life and an amazing family. Let's not forget my amazing friends!

A note to my husband: I don't do shisha! :D bye.

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I love you all <3